We had to reserve the campground six months in advance. In fact, we scouted it out nearly a year ago and made a list of the best sites in several campgrounds in the Mt. Hood National Forest. The first week in June seemed like a risk, especially while we were booking in gray and rainy December. But growing up in the Pacific Northwest, camping and fishing is a birthright and, as a good dad, I want to make sure my boys get to participate.

Last year, in August, we needed to escape the heat in the city and made an impromptu camping trip to the Clackamas River. We got the last spot in one of many crowded campgrounds. Before coming home, we drove to Timothy Lake. The boys swam around old stumps on a day-use shore. It was beautiful, breezy, and sunny and the water was cool. Before heading back west on Highway 26, we decided to drive around the lake and see what the campgrounds, operated by Portland General Electric, were like. They were all nice but our favorite was Hoodview.

So the weekend of our long-planned camping trip finally arrived. As it turned out, our choice of weekends for 2016 was fortuitous. The forecast was for a 100-degree weekend in Portland. The predicted high for Timothy Lake was eighty-five. Perfect for swimming.

I've taken film cameras out camping and backpacking for years, sometimes to some pretty rugged places. In many ways, older film cameras are much more up to the task than modern electronic film and digital cameras. The Rolleiflex came along like it always does. But the benefit of car camping is that you don't have too worry much about weight and bulk. Hoodview was telling me to bring my view camera.

George is still a willing subject but it's tough to get Henry to pose, especially when he's having fun. He did not want to take a break from swimming. He did a good job of hiding his annoyance. I hope this photo will be one of those important keepsakes that we look back on fondly.

George and Henry at Timothy Lake - Ilford Delta 100 4x5 sheet film shot with a Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar-S 300mm f/5.6 on my Sinar F2 and developed in HC-110.